Oops. Seek Professional Help

I’ve been wanting to shave my head for around a week now. The original plan was to do it ourselves, then Charlie talked me into trying to see my stylist. When that fell through because we had a conflicting appointment, I bought what I thought was the correct instrument and we set tonight, Wednesday, as the date.

So it turns out the instrument is correct for trimming beards and sideburns. It is also correct for shaving faces. It is not, however, correct for shaving heads. After it didn’t work on trimmer, I suggested using scissors to cut the bulk of the hair so we could use the closer trimmer. When I was done, he looked like a wanderer begging for fresh water in Fallout 4.


It was 7:55 on the Wednesday before Thanksgiving: time for emergency intervention! I called Floyd’s Barbershop and they said they could work us in. They did, and shaved both our heads at the same time. I don’t have a lot of pics of Charlie, but he was able to get some in-progress shots of my hair through the initial, not-short-enough phase to final.

during shave 1



I really do believe in the transformative power of curiosity. I wasn’t sad at all last night, even seeing my green-teal hair bits on the floor. I went in with questions about what my head looked like and what I would like. I was so busy being interested in the answers that there wasn’t room for any doubts or worry.

At the end of the haircuts, we went to the counter. They smiled, handed us a blank receipt, and told us to have a Happy Thanksgiving. It was an awesome gift–spontaneous and sincere–and we walked out with big smiles.

after shave together

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