On the second day of treatment, I said to my body…

Thank you for your patience
You have been so kind to me!

I’ve been meaning to write this post for a while, because I’ve become very grateful to my body for all its put up with from me over the years.


I’ve been significantly overweight for twenty years, but never had any trouble with my blood pressure, my heart, or diabetes. Doctors always looked surprised when my blood tests came back. To a large extent, that’s probably because I ate low to moderate carbs with a small amount of sugar and flour for many years, but I still believe my body was amazing in coping with it.

I’ve had close encounters with the Epstein Barr virus my whole life, first with chicken pox when I was two weeks old (at the same time as the measles! Bet that was fun for my mom!), then shingles when I was 16, then CMV virus in college. Both the shingles and the CMV virus were unusual in someone so young, but my body bounced right back with no lingering effects.

If you’ve known me for long, you also know I’m ridiculously clumsy, usually because I’m so busy thinking about something that I don’t pay as much attention to where I’m going. Thankfully, that’s not true when I’m driving but when I’m walking, I can be a full-on Mr. Magoo. Combine that with fair skin, and I’ve always got an assortment of bumps and bruises and they all heal right away.

I mean, seriously–I dropped a 50 pound box of Ikea shelves on my foot last year and it swelled up like mad. I may have had an extended visit from Zombie Foot, but there were no broken bones. The doctors took two X-rays and an MRI because they couldn’t believe that amount of weight falling straight onto the top of my foot didn’t even make a hairline fracture.

So thank you, body, for being so kind to me. Let’s get through this together and when we get to the other side, I promise I’ll be as thoughtful and forgiving to you as you have been to me.

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