Free Realms

2009, PC and PS3

I joined Free Realms as it rebooted from a port of an existing console game to free-to-play on PC, to a full-fledged, original IP free-to-play MMORPG for kids. It was a complex design task not just because of the scope of an MMORPG and the size of the team (which peaked at 47 designers) but because we were inventing a new style of MMORPG play. Decisions like what stats to display (or even create), how inventory worked, how kids could communicate with each other, how to build a world they could navigate, etc. were an ongoing source of research and R&D. It was also important to me that activities in the game be 100% optional and neutral in terms of gender.

Key design challenges: designing systems, progression, and a world for kids as young as 8, creating a gender-neutral yet freely expressive character style and world, managing progression across vastly different activities such as combat versus cooking versus exploration.

More Games


1995, PC (cancelled) Shadows was an adventure/puzzle game, along the lines of Myst. I created a demo in Macromedia Director and Strata 3D (teaching myself 3D art creation in the process), which lead to a

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1997, PC (cancelled) I joined Media Station to design and lead the development team for a strategy game concept from the company owner. The original idea was a real-time strategy game, but I felt that

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Disney’s Stitch: Experiment 626

2002, PS2 The game Stitch: Experiment 626 was a combination shooter-platformer. It took advantage of Stitch’s innate ability to climb walls and walk on ceilings. We developed it as the movie was being created, and

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Full Spectrum Warrior

2004, Xbox, PC and PS2 Full Spectrum Warrior was originally developed by Pandemic as a training tool for the U.S. Army. I joined to lead the design team in its transition to a commercial game.

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Fear & Respect

2006, Xbox and PS2, cancelled Fear & Respect was a third-person narrative shooter set in the streets of South Central Los Angeles. I worked directly with John Singleton on the story and script, and occasionally

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Over the Hedge

2006, PS2, Xbox and Gamecube Over the Hedge was a platformer-brawler developed alongside the 2006 Dreamworks film. There were always two characters on screen–one controlled either by AI or by a co-op player. We designed

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