+1660 RAD

I woke up early this morning, earlier than I get up for weekday radiation… and it’s Saturday. At first, I wasn’t certain why I was so sure I wouldn’t sleep again. It wasn’t until I resigned myself to being up and sat down with some water that I realized: my throat feels weird. At first, I thought it was just from coughing (which was worse this morning) but over time I’ve realized I can feel the radiation for the first time.

It’s an interesting sensation. It feels like there’s a slight heartburn that makes its way up my airway instead of my throat, then it joins with my throat in a kind of general burning that rises to a sandpapery lump in my upper throat above the collarbone. To me, that’s that sensation says the radiation is taking effect, so it’s a welcome one.


No, no. These rads can stay.

P.S. Yes, I’m the kind of nerd who figured out how many Gray of radiation I’ve had so far then converted it to RADS to make a Fallout joke.

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